Almost 70% of all manufacturers and traders use Letters of Credit, which they think is a safe method of payment in International Trade. The truth is, Letter of Credit are fraught with risks!! Letters of Credit can mean sales & profit as well as BUSINESS CATASTROPHE!! We have many documented cases of non payment under Letter of Credit which had happened in Malaysia ! Ignorance can be costl

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Methods of Payment and Trade Facilities in International Trade.
  2. Trade Documents commonly used in International Trade – Bills of Exchange, Bills of Lading, etc.
  3. Trade terms commonly used in International Trade
  4. Step by Step detailed flowcharts and Samples on how various types of Letter of Credit work.
  5. Secret Cost Saving Areas in LC transactions which your bankers will never tell you.
  6. Case Studies on non-payment under LC where traders had lost millions of ringgit!
  7. Why payment are often delayed in LC transactions and how to overcome this.
  8. Date of Issue, Shipment, Presentation Date and Place of Expiry.
  9. Role and Liability of Banks and Rights of Recourse
    • Practical pointers when applying for a Letter of Credit(Importer).
    • How to prepare and check documents to avoid discrepancies.
    • Discussion on Discrepancies– Why; How To Resolve
    • Practical pointers when presenting documents under a Letter of Credit (Exporter)
    • How to avoid Pitfalls and Traps in the use of Letters of Credit.
    • Detailed checklists for Exporters and Importers
    • Concept of Confirmed LC and “Silent Confirmation LC”
    • Application of UCP 600 in Letter of Credit
    • Back to Back LC and Transferable LC

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